Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Acceptance sampling plans based on Life test    M.Sc.    mahla ameli lakhe doz    1400/06/08
2    Designing control charts and acceptance sampling plans for the mean and quantiles of the Weibull distribution    Ph.D    adel ahmadi nadi    1400/03/01
3    Statistical process control using generalized additive profiles    Ph.D    Mahdiyeh Erfanian    1399/11/29
4    Some Topics of Statistical-Economic Design of X ̅ Control Charts under Different Sampling    Ph.D    azamsadat eizi    1399/11/26
5    Applications of Entropy in Statistical Quality Control    Ph.D    Seyedeh Azadeh Fallah Mortezanejad    1399/06/18
6    An approach in modeling risk-adjusted quality control charts based on fuzzy data    Ph.D    Afsaneh Rezaeifar    1399/06/16
7    ‎Criteria to compare complex systems in chance space‎    Ph.D    Rouhollah Mehralizade    1398/11/23
8    Some topics on the Generalized likelihood Ratio Control Chart    M.Sc.    seyede fateme asghari baygi    1398/06/30
9    Acceptance Sampling Plans using Ranked Set Sampling Methods    Ph.D    mansoore razmkhah    1398/04/19
10    Capability index and process yield measurement for simple linear profile    M.Sc.    maryam jalilian ameli    1397/11/29
11    on the Run Length distribution for control charts with runs rules    M.Sc.    Somayeh Sharafi    1397/06/31
12    Analysis of Dependent Risk Models Based on Copula Function    M.Sc.    hussam ahmad    1397/04/13
13    Reviews feature and comparison for Continuous acceptance sampling plan    M.Sc.    monire nazari    1396/11/30
14    Designing of acceptance sampling plan by variable based on loss function    M.Sc.    Saeede Moltaji    1396/11/28
15    The Design of Multivariate Sign EWMA Control Chart    M.Sc.    khadije tavakoli narband    1396/11/28
16    some topics in the acceptance conditional sampling plans    Ph.D    Robab Afshari    1396/11/25
17    Production process capability analysis based on ranked set sampling    Ph.D    Samaneh Asghari    1396/06/30
18    Nonparametric Predictive Inference in Fuzzy Environment    Ph.D    soheil shokri    1396/05/16
19    Reliability Acceptance Sampling Plan for the life time distribution    M.Sc.    Hayder qasim Mohammed    1396/04/19
20    Repetitive Variable acceptance sampling plan for one-sided specification    M.Sc.    fahime shishe chi    1395/11/30
21    The design of generalized likelihood ratio control chart for monitoring the process mean and variance    M.Sc.    ali akbar Kazemi Nia    1395/11/13
22    a Loss-based process capability indices    M.Sc.    fruzan teymori sangani    1395/10/26
23    Economical Reliability Appraisal for Acceptance Sampling Plans With Variable Qualitative Specifications    M.Sc.    KHALIL MANSOURI TARNIK    1395/06/31
24    on the process capability indices    Ph.D    Zainab Abbasi Ganji    1395/06/29
25    Nonparametric statistical quality control charts in fuzzy environment    Ph.D    FERESHTEH MOMENI    1395/06/28
26    Assessing the lifetime performance indices based on order statistics    M.Sc.    Adel Ahmadi Nadi    1395/03/12
27    Capability index for Birnbaum–Saunders processes    M.Sc.    Davuod dariae    1394/10/23
28    Quality control charts in fuzzy environment    M.Sc.    mehrnaz mozafari peyman    1394/06/26
29    Joint economic-statistical design control charts    M.Sc.    maryam sadat motaghi    1394/06/24
30    On statistical inference and quality control in fuzzy environment    Ph.D    Abbas Parchami    1394/05/18
31    SPC Procedures for Autocorrelated Processes    M.Sc.    gohar ghorbani    1394/02/02
32    Compare several optimization methods in fuzzy linear regression    M.Sc.    mansooreh moghadas    1393/06/10
33    Statistical quality control based on ranked set sample    M.Sc.    ho gerami    1392/10/23